I’m not a scientist, but I do know from experience that it’s important to keep tanks heated to specific temperatures in order to achieve optimal output. Gas & Oil Companies heat their frac tanks and pipe valves to keep viscous fluids flowing.  Businesses dealing with compressed gas in cold weather conditions require methods to heat their cylinders.  Even home owners require methods for heatng oil & propane tanks and above ground storage drums.

For years, methods for oil & gas tank heating were limited and often dangerous… until now!  Powerblanket has developed a series of oil tank heaters and large silo tank wraps that heat, insulate, and protect materials from the effects of harsh winter weather.  Available in both 120v & 240v models, Powerblanket is the most affordable method for heating and warming large tanks, drums, cylinders, and silos. Now UL/CSA/CE & ETL certified and C1D2 Hazardous Location Ready.

Gas CylinderDrum Heater Brochure frac tank wrap

Powerblanket’s are so effective at insulating and protecting tanks and drums, that some customers forgo the heated portion of the blanket and simply order the Powerblanket for its effective ability to insulate their tanks and keep heat from escaping.  (Large dairy cheese holding tank pictured below with non-electric Powerblanket).

Silo Tank Heater

large tank heater

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