C1D2 Frac Tank and 400-BBL Blankets Reach Hazardous Locations

26 Nov, 2012

Powerblanket expands product line to include C1D2-certified products for hazardous locations.

C1D2 Hazardous Location Tank Heaters
SALT LAKE CITY — Powerblanket, provider of superior heat heat-spreading technology through the use of a patented GreenHeat Technology, announces C1D2-certified Frac Tank and 400-BBL custom blankets, allowing them to be safely used in hazardous locations.

“This specialized certification allows us to serve our customers even better now that we have custom-built blankets with this C1D2 certification,” said Bruce Starley, Director of Manufacturing. “We strive to create products that will exceed our customers’ needs, and I think we’ve done that with these customizable blankets.”

The Powerblanket design and configuration may vary depending on the tank type, model, and specification, which in turn can impact cost. Powerblanket requires a dimensional drawing of the tanks prior to the customization of the blankets; this is done to ensure a perfect fit for every customer’s needs.

“Frac Tanks usually require 14 to 16 blankets total for complete installation,” said Joel Fillion, Vice President of Engineering. “The benefits of not only freeze protection, but also the ability to heat either your Frac Tank or 400 BBL are extremely advantageous. Standard spray-foam insulation methods are expensive and they lack the ability to generate heat to the product. Heating the product(depending on the product: water, water with additives, oil, etc.), will increase viscosity, productivity, and efficiency.”

Powerblanket custom 400 400-BBL wraps provide freeze protection, ease of installation, heating to 80°F, low labor costs, and increased product productivity and efficiency.  As with Frac Tanks, they are custom build built to meet the customer’s needs.

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