cylinder-wrapUntil now, cylinder tank heating has been virtually impossible to maintain on any kind of consistent basis.  We’ve observed some pretty archaic methods for heating compressed cylinder tanks over the years: open flames, makeshift heat ovens, high wattage forced air blowers, and even band heaters.  None have been very effective, and most have been downright dangerous… until now!

GreenHeat Technology by Powerblanket, LLC introduces to the market a new patented heat spreading technology that is both low wattage and UL/CSA safety certified.  Powerblanket is engineered with three main components:

1. UL weather resistant vinyl rated down to -55F

2. Unique internal insulated foam

3. Patented heat spreading materials for an even, consistent heat

Powerblanket is engineered and manufactured in America by Americans.  Their cylinder tank heat products range in size from small 20 gallon propane cylinders to very large 20,000 gallon holding tanks.   Gases known to benefit from this unique heating process include:

  • SF6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF
  • Powerblanket heat wraps fit most gas cylinder tanks
  • Full surface coverage for better heating
  • Insulation reduces heat loss
  • Certified to UL/CSA/CE & ETL safety standards
  • 120 & 240v available.  C1D2 & D1 Optional.
  • Weather-proof and water resistant
  • Heats compressed gases to optimal temperatures for maximum safe output
  • Reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary tank refills
  • Optional adjustable thermostat available
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