A most effective method for heating tanks, silos, holding bins, and large troughs has been developed by a company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Large surfaces can be insulated & heated by using a heat spreading technology called GreenHeat.  Heat is run over patented materials which then evenly distributes the heat energy to large tanks and silos. When combined with the internal insulated foam, these blankets become a very effective method for heating, insulating, and maintaining heat in large tanks.

Powerblanket Silo Heating
Available in both heated and non-heated versions

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Effectively heat and insulated dairy tanks, silos, chemical and petroleum tanks, propane cylinders, and other large surface area containers.

Powerblanket is a green product that uses low amounts of energy to heat large surfaces.  Available in both heated and non-heated vesions. Call 866-805-4328 for more details or visit online LINK

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